Thursday, March 22, 2012


I’ve been living in Boulder Colorado for the past three months. After spending seven months on the road, I decided to end my nomadic lifestyle for a while. Boulder seemed like a good place to live due to its close proximity to the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Plus I finished my roadtrip in Moab Utah and Boulder was only a short drive away, or at least closer then Orange County. The people here in Boulder are very into exercise, healthy(expensive) food, Outdoor sports, and being eco friendly. I sometimes catch a whiff of snootiness in the air, but for the most part the Boulder folks are really cool. I got a job working at a nice restaurant where I’m making some good money. Work can be extremely demanding at times especially after climbing all day but the friendly co-workers and good tips make the hard hours well worth it.

The reason I moved to boulder is the same reason I do anything. Great climbing! There’s a ton of awesome crags super close to town. Eldorado Canyon, just fifteen minutes from where I live is a personal favorite. Eldo has a bunch of spicy trad climbs that are plenty exciting. I recently just sent Musta Been High 13c r/x one of the famous hard trad testpieces in Boulder. I also sent some of the other classic trad lines in the same area such as Free Line 13b, Surfs Up 13a, Fraid Line 13aR and the Evictor 12cR.  I’m psyched to start doing some longer routes now that its spring and the days are getting longer and warmer. I’m especially excited to get down to the Black Canyon, a massive granite canyon just five hours south of Boulder. My biggest goals in Colorado lie on those massive dark walls. The climbing there looks terrifying and epic. I recently just bought a 600 foot static line I’m hoping to use in the Black next month. Hopefully the comfortable days cragging in Boulder haven’t softened me up for epic all day adventure!

Living in Colorado has been great but honestly it hasn’t been too exciting and there isn’t much more to write about. All I can say is that life has been comfortable and relatively normal.  Some of my good friends have better stories to tell for how they spent their winter. Enjoy some fascinating blog updates from Kevin Molar, Mason Earle,

I’m a little worried about Kevin to be honest. He’s as dirtbag as they come and I know he doesn’t have much money to survive off of. He Hitchhiked down to Patagonia a few months ago and he’s been down there since. He’s posted facebook updates like “surviving a Patagonia storm in a three season tent” and “living off a free bag of rice”. I also heard he broke his knee and he hasn’t been doing any climbing. Hopefully he makes it back to the U.S in one piece. Hitchhicking from Chili to the U.S with no money and a broken knee doesn’t sound easy but if there’s anyone who can do it, it would be him “the King of the Dirtbags”. Go Kevin!

Here are some awesome photos taken by my buddy Rob Kepely. Enjoy!

 Flashing Brothers In Arms 12c at the South Platte

Musta Been High 13c r/x. Not my tick marks!

The last crux move on Musta Been High

Thanks again for these photos Rob!


  1. nice brad!!!! great living, enjoy!

  2. Nice write up man. I saw The Coat Hanger yesterday, and that's a proud line man. Keep crushing man.

  3. Great read Brad! Keep up the solid work!

    "Living in Colorado has been great but honestly it hasn’t been too exciting"

    Maybe you should climb some R rated routes, or try free soloing ...